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The mission of our renewable energy company is to reduce carbon emissions and spur economic growth by creating reliable and affordable clean energy solutions. We further aim to ensure an attractive return on investment for our clients and strategic partners.

Sustainability and environmental protection are our priorities.

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Creating efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects including intelligent energy storage, especially in areas with unstable grids or remote territories, inspires us constantly on our path towards a clean energy future.

Our aim is to enable everyone to benefit from cost effective and environmental friendly renewable power production as an alternative to fossil fuel energy.

Use your generated solar energy effectively for your own home. The intelligent all-in-one energy storage and management system sun2safe offers a sustainable power supply and ensures independence from the public grid.

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Sohail H. The sun2flow systems have solved these problems". Insbesondere Hygiene und Desinfektion sind dabei lebenswichtig. The Corona virus crisis challenges companies, hospitals, retirement homes, social institutions and medics around the world. Hygiene and disinfection are vital. The two companies have developed a mobile disinfection container, sun2MobiDes, which not only can be operated autonomously but also mounted quickly and easily at hospitals, nursing homes, other social facilities, office buildings or company premises.

In the recent years, climate change awarness has become a constant amongst the majority of the global population. The media, and particularly the online based, persistently turn news around saving the planet, environmental pollution, plastic usage reduction, alternative energy sources and carbon footprint reduction. Energy Experts Now EEN and The meeco Group have recently announced having joined forces in the development and installation and operations of solar energy projects in the Dominican Republic.

To supply the eco resort with renewable energy, seven rows of highly efficient polycrystalline photovoltaic modules, with a total capacity of 54 kWp are installed at this stage. Once the site is completely finalised and commissioned, the generated energy is intended to charge the batteries of the energy management and storage system sun2safe and inter alia for hot water treatment and for charging the sun2move e-bikes of the safari camp. Although the country is not a member of the European Union, it is perfectly suited for trading across the borders.

Due to several bilateral agreements, there are almost no barriers to market accessibility and the country has become a major trading partner of the European Union. Worldwide, there are several factors which are responsible for this expected development. On the one hand, there is Greta Thunberg and her FridaysForFuture movement which made people around the globe rethink their original convictions. On the other hand, there is a substantial development in the sector of energy prices which allows companies and private households to receive clean energy instead of energy from fossil fuels in a much more competitive manner.

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Crude oil, natural gas and coal are the fossil fuels, which play vital roles in the African energy system and economies. While several years ago, there were a few plausible reasons for using fossil fuels in affluent African countries, arguments like the low costs have become void in the meantime. Everything This Site. We assume responsibility today — for a clean and sustainable future!

Connect with us. Stay in the loop. Email address. They can be combined with other power production systems, integrated into an existing utility grid, or supply remote off-grid areas with renewable energy. SERVICES Our energy management services provide support throughout the entire process, from strategic consulting and project planning, through operation and maintenance as well as online monitoring of renewable energy projects, and up to the further enhancement of your brand image.

Have a look at our renewable energy projects and find out how to participate in protecting the environment while at the same time benefiting from long-term and highly reliable cash flows. All our products are tailor-made applying top-tier technologies and materials, with projects founded on the three core values: honesty, integrity and fairness.To make this possible we want to create a sovereign place where people will realise the accumulation of every day data as a growing and valuable asset, for themselves and for their children.

She has been pioneering personal data rights sincewhen she envisioned a time when personal sovereignty, identity and contextual privacy would be as important as being connected. Inshe co-founded a think tank and incubator to explore commercialisation and business models across the emerging personal information sector.

In earlyshe wrote the Meeco Manifesto, and confident in strategy development and business model she founded Meeco in August of the same year.

Katryna initially self-funded Meeco, before raising seed capital in Januaryenabling Meeco to launch its first public platform in July Prior to Meeco she founded and operated a strategy consulting practice. As a consultant, Katryna has extensive global experience in strategy to execution roles in start-ups to major corporate change and implementation and projects. Her industry sector experience includes information technology, financial services, health services and human resources.

Katryna currently splits her time between Australia and Europe, where Meeco has offices and development teams. Greg Embleton has been appointed as the Chairman of Meeco. He has held the role of CIO for a number of large Australian domestic and international corporations where he has been instrumental in leading substantial growth and transformational change programs.

Through the breadth and depth of this experience Greg has forged an astute understanding of both the key challenges and opportunities facing businesses as they embrace and manage technology solutions and organisational change.

As CEO of a number of Australian businesses, Greg consistently delivers growth in both customer and shareholder value. Through his drive and direction, the companies under his control have received industry accolades and a number have been the subject of successful acquisition.

meeco engineering

His experience, knowledge and pragmatic approach is reflected in the respect he has earned across business and technology sectors in Australia. Greg is a proven transformational leader who believes unreservedly in the importance of data security, privacy and data innovation.

As Chairman, he brings this commitment and his extensive knowledge and experience to help Meeco realise its full potential. Marc Peskett is a director, advisor and business consultant with extensive experience in helping innovative start ups achieve global scale. MPR Group now Prime Accounting and Business Advisory is a leading accounting firm, specialising in services to meet the special needs of innovative and fast growing entrepreneurial businesses.

Since selling out of the MPR GroupMarc is now an independent consultant, director and board advisor. He has over 30 years of international experience as a senior executive with multi-national groups across Europe and the Americas. The first half of his career was spent in corporate treasury management, particularly in the Telecom sector.

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The last 17 years were spent in retail banking and more specifically in the management of consumer credit activities in France, Germany and Central Europe. Charles has managed single banks and groups of banks as a member of the Executive Committee of the personal finance business line of a major European banking Group.

Having been very active in digital transformation in the banking environment, he has considerable experience in building value-driven use cases, based on improved customer experience and customer journeys, as well as the business application of innovative technology. He brings an excellent understanding of data-enabled revenue opportunities for both financial institutions and corporates, as well as the considerable efficiency gains that organisations can achieve if they manage their data collection and management processes efficiently.

This helps our partners to drive more value from data sharing with their clients, which can be a major contributor to enhanced customer loyalty. Neil has more than 30 years experience delivering business value through Information Technology across a broad range of industries, and he is still passionate about ensuring customers get what they need.

He has worked in a diverse range of organisations ranging from major enterprises to small start-ups, and covering a wide range of industries including Media, Publishing, Digital, Telecommunications, Health Services, Pharmaceuticals, Gambling and Financial Services. This diversity of industry type and scale of operations has helped Neil hone a set of skills that enable him to adapt to the needs of any situation.

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Prior to Meeco, Neil has successfully driven large scale programs of work for complex stakeholder groups, with world-first digital solutions and mission critical application deployments to his credit. Most recently Neil has been responsible for bringing product to market for a start-up organisation in the Financial Services sector.

In addition to his role as Juru co-founder and managing director, Jo was a senior researcher and lecturer on Blockchain at Howest University College for Applied Science. He was approached to teach based on his early Bitcoin experience, having launched the first Bitcoin exchange in Belgium in This expertise rapidly evolved to providing professional services to companies starting blockchain and bitcoin projects. His software engineering and product development experience resulted in the provision of technical services and business support on product roadmap for open platform architecture, blockchain, API management and microservices.MECO water purification is grounded in our tradition of engineering excellence.

Our mastery of core engineering disciplines —mechanical, electrical, chemical— drives a synergy that produces the smartest solution to every challenge. Close attention to detail. Strict adherence to protocol. Thorough documentation. Our approach is one of discipline and precision. Starting with the confirmation or development of your user requirements, our engineers check and double-check to ensure compliance with all industry regulations.

meeco engineering

In addition, every aspect of the process is documented for future reference. The exacting standards of purifying water demand that your plant always run at its optimal capabilities — a task that gets more and more difficult as the plant ages. Normal wear and tear, along with technological advancements, have led companies to rely on MECO for our retrofit and upgrade services.

MECO extends the life of distillers and other water treatment systems by offering control system upgrades and refurbishments. MECO provides comprehensive validation services that meet or exceed industry standards. Services Engineering Services.

Ready for More?This is the seventh expansion Meeco Sullivan has handled for Cottonwood Creek Marina over the last 18 years. We look forward to our continued partnership.

meeco engineering

The town of Wareham, MA marina project at Onset Pier was a custom designed timber dock to provide higher freeboard and live load requirements and was installed by Robert B.

Our Company of Harwich, MA. The timber dock system was specially designed to include a custom center utility panel to accommodate existing main electrical feeds. The town of Orleans, MA project consisted of three timber boat ramps that included custom hardware to accommodate existing piles. The town of Eastham, MA project at Rock Harbor Marina included a timber dock designed to provide higher freeboard and live load requirements and was installed by Robert B.

Our Company. Our new Wahoo Xtreme aluminum dock system builds upon the best features of our CAT5 design and takes it to new performance extremes for your most demanding coastal applications. Its massive aluminum frame makes it the strongest aluminum dock on the market and our innovative design gives you great convenience and flexibility to reconfigure your marina as customer demands and market conditions dictate.

Meeco Sullivan is one of the only suppliers in the industry that has made the major investment in both pieces of equipment. They also eliminate the need for any finishing work and will increase our daily production output significantly which provides incredible production efficiencies to meet our customer delivery obligations.

It will contribute to both the downtown Buffalo revitalization efforts and local economy as well as the quality of life for Buffalo residents who love the water. We chose Meeco Sullivan because of their experience, the quality of their design and their ability to produce a project of this size and deliver it on time and on budget.

Meeco Sullivan and their people are all of that and more. Our experience with them was outstanding. The entire team led by Adam was professional, delivered what was promised, and patiently answered all my questions. What a great group of guys who take great pride in their work.

I sincerely appreciate everyone working so hard to get the job done on time and to my satisfaction. You have earned yourself a very satisfied customer.

meeco engineering

With our recent acquisition of Wahoo Docks, Meeco Sullivan brings you over years of combined experience designing, building and installing thousands of steel, timber and aluminum floating dock systems for your coastal or inland marina project. New Bern, NC. Concord Marina, Knoxville, TN. Charlestown Marina, Boston, MA. Do You Qualify for Grant Opportunities? Contact Us intsales meecosullivan.Optimize your efficiency with customizable software interfaces that seamlessly transfer traceability data from any manufacturing database to the part-marking station on your factory floor.

Your success in laser part marking and traceability depends on more than technology alone. You need a team you can rely on, now and long after your systems are in place. For some companies, manufacturing traceability is an unattainable goal. However, to remain competitive and profitable, you need to Looking for an economical, high-performance laser engraving solution?

Industrial Marking Systems for Your Needs

Announcing the newest addition to our laser marking product Industrial Marking Systems for Your Needs. Request Free Marking Samples. Then we foster working relationships that save you time, money, and resources — so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Worldwide, thousands of manufacturers, including Fortune Companieshave lived The MECCO Experiencesucceeding with our standard and engineered-to-order automated laser part marking systems. Isn't it time you experienced it for yourself? Read Success Stories. Discover our groundbreaking three-part approach to enterprise-level information and communication technologies.

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Make Your Connection with EtherMark. Data Transfer Optimize your efficiency with customizable software interfaces that seamlessly transfer traceability data from any manufacturing database to the part-marking station on your factory floor. Identify Your Interface. Latest News. New Laser Engraver Engineered to be an Economical Solution Looking for an economical, high-performance laser engraving solution? Explore Product Options.On-site pump repair, in-house pump repair, fire pump flow tests, SolidWorks 3D Modeling and skid fabrication.

MECO partners with our customers and principals from conception through implementation to provide process solutions using engineered expertise. The pump was being replaced annually at [ Mechanical Equipment Company custom designed, and built, a steam fired, hot process water circulating system for a regional health care company. The [ Processed food storage is offered in shop welded, field-welded, and bolted storage tanks for milling, baking and food processing applications.

Careers at Meco

Food [ Cornell offers a wide range of solids handling pumps, from 1. Whether you need to reduce [ Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Enter your keyword Search. Tweets by mechequip. Steam Fired Hot Process Water Circulating System February 28, Scott Fletcher Mechanical Equipment Company custom designed, and built, a steam fired, hot process water circulating system for a regional health care company.

Tank Connection Food Storage March 23, Sales Assistant Processed food storage is offered in shop welded, field-welded, and bolted storage tanks for milling, baking and food processing applications.Chief among our customers are semiconductor manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as natural and industrial gas producers and their distributors, utilities, and chemical and petrochemical companies and the makers and users of ultra-high-purity gas.

Gustav Bergson, a Harvard trained physicist. Accupoint 2 Microprocessor-based moisture transmitter, with built-in dual-stage pressure regulator and operating pressure range of psig. Accupoint LP2 For low process pressure psig applications, the Accupoint LP2 microprocessor-based moisture transmitter delivers ….

AquaVolt With a range of 0. Iceman Iceman addresses the special temperature-controlled sample conditions required for moisture analysis in HFCs and refrigerants.

MedOx For online moisture analysis in medical gases…. NastyBoy Online analyzer for moisture in chlorine, the NastyBoy stands up to the toughest applications….

Tracer-2 Tracer 2 addresses the need for accurate, reliable process controls, and moisture sampling at levels…. Sang Hyub Oh now retired. The chart demonstrates extremely close correlation between the generated standard concentration shown in red and instrument response from low to high ppm shown in blue.

Furthermore, the WaterBoy 2 offers a linear response over the concentration range tested here ppm. Baggett Louisville Packaging. Maintain purity — Taking a custom approach to specialty gas fill plant success.

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