Science notes form 3

Protect the flower when it is in the bud. Male reproductive part of flower. Holds up the anther. Contains pollen grains. Pollen grains. Contains male gametes.

Female reproductive part of flower. Protects the ovules. Contains female gametes. Holds up the stigma. Receives the pollen grains.

Produce nectar. There are 2 types of pollination:. Transfer of pollen grain within the same flower or to another flower on the same plant. Transfer of the pollen grains to the flower of another plant of the same species.

The advantages of cross pollination are:. The figure shows the process of pollination. Where does the transfer of pollen grain take place? The figure shows a flowering plant. Which of the following is the pollinating agent for this plant? The figure shows the flower of flowering plants.

Which flowers are pollinated by insects? Stamen consists of filaments and anthers while the pistil consists of stigma, style and ovary. Diagram 1. Explain how this situation helps the farmer to increase the yield of fruits from his trees. Gold ,Platinum,Silver and Mercury exist as elements. Compounds are combinations of metals and non — metals. With sulphur Sulphides.

Reaction between metals and oxygen.Pollination and Fertilization: The fertilization process 3. Development after fertilization. The reactions of metals and water a Experiment: The reaction of metals and water b Experiment: The reaction of magnesium with steam 3 The reaction of metals with dilute acids a Experiment: The reaction of metals with dilute Hydrochloric acid 4 Predicting reactions of a metal using the reactivity series Oxidation and Reduction 1.

Acids a Investigating the properties of acids b Experiment: The corrosion of metals by acids c Experiment: Investigating the gas produced by acids and carbonates 2. Bases a Experiment: Making acidic and alkaline solutions 3 The pH scale. Combined Science O Level Notes. Mineral Nutrition. Plant pests and diseases. Alimentary systems. Assimilation and absorption. Growth and development. Animal parasites and diseases. The Respiratory system.

science notes form 3

Diffusion and Osmosis. Water and Ion uptake.

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The circulatory system of mammals. Sexual Reproduction. The dispersal of plant seeds a Activity: Comparing different fruits and seeds. Eocystems 2. Structure of atoms. Atomic structure 2. Structure of atoms: protons,electrons and neutrons 3. Elements and the proton number 4. Isotopes and the importance of proton numbers. States of matter. Molecules, Compounds and Mixtures.

Molecules 2. Mixtures and Compounds a Experiment:Making a mixture and compound. Metals vs Non-metals. The Reactivity of Metals.

The reactions of metals and water a Experiment: The reaction of metals and water b Experiment: The reaction of magnesium with steam. Oxidation and Reduction.

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Oxidation 2. Reduction of metal oxides a Experiment:Hydrogen as a reducing agent b Reducing Copper oxide with carbon c Reducing Iron oxide using aluminium.

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Acids,Bases and Salts. Acids a Investigating the properties of acids b Experiment: The corrosion of metals by acids c Experiment: Investigating the gas produced by acids and carbonates. Bases a Experiment: Making acidic and alkaline solutions.

science notes form 3

Factors that affect the speed of reactions.Science Form 3. Unit 1 Respiration. Human Respiratory System. Living organisms must be able to take oxygen from the air and get rid of carbon dioxide to the air. Gas exchange takes place through a gas exchange surface, also known as a respiratory surface. Breathing is also known as external respiration.

Breathing consists of two stages:. Inhalation - during which air is taken into the lungs. Exhalation - during which air passes out of the lungs. The breathing system or the human respiratory system consists of the following structures or organs:. The nasal cavity. Bronchus plural: bronchi d. Lungs i. Alveolus plural: alveoli. Rib cage. The intercostal muscles. Internal intercostal muscles.


External intercostal muscles. Flow of air into the lungs. Air is breathed in through the nose and enters the nostrils. The nostril leads to the nasal cavity where the air is warmed up and moistened. Hairs and sticky mucus trap particles inside the nasal cavity. The air then enters the trachea. The trachea branches into two bronchi. Each bronchus leads directly into a lung.

The bronchus branches into many smaller tubes called bronchioles. The air then passes through the bronchiole and comes to alveoli.

The human lungs have millions of alveoli ii. The wall of the alveolus is only one-cell thick. It is thinmoist and is surrounded by a network of capillaries. The exchange of respiratory gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide, occurs between the alveolus and capillaries. The Breathing Mechanism. The breathing mechanism is the physical changes which occur in the respiratory system during. This mechanism involves.

During inhalation. Both the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm contract. The diaphragm moves. The intercostal muscles pull the ribs upexpanding the rib cage and further increasing the volume of the thoracic cavity. These actions lower the air pressure in the alveoli. Air from the outside then rushes in through the nasal cavities, trachea and lungs.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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science notes form 3

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